Improving the Safety, Efficacy & Predictability of Monotherapy & Combinatorial Therapies to Fast-track the Discovery & Development of TNBC Treatments to Reach Patients in Need

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Drug Development Digital Summit is the industry’s definitive conference for exploring the development of targeted therapies for this aggressive solid tumor subtype.

Aligned with recent clinical trial progress and with investments rolling in, this networking forum will give you insight into industry programmes from 22+ speakers, delving into immune checkpoint, DDR inhibitors, ADC & other novel agents.

This digital conference will explore the key challenges of identifying other druggable molecular targets as well as unveiling the strategies drug developers are employing to improve efficacy, safety and commercial viability.

Join 80+ drug developers online this April to accelerate the progress of multiple treatment strategies for TNBC.

World-Class Speaker Faculty Included:

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